Your job is stressful enough

Let TBCI take some off your plate

Ever heard of the phrase ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? The same can happen in design and construction. This industry is a complex animal, why make it even more complicated than it has to be?

Historically speaking, the traditional Design-Bid-Build delivery method has long since been the standard for construction projects. Over the last decade we’ve seen a surge in Design-Build project deliveries in the construction industry for a variety of reasons; reduction in construction time and cost savings to the client being the main factors. The same principle can be applied to the Food Service portion of a project. By reducing the number of intermediaries between the design documents and the owner, we can maximize cost savings and project efficiency. We can eliminate layers of equipment mark-up and go straight to the source for procurement, delivery and installation.

To be clear-we are not an equipment dealer. We do not provide designs as a vehicle to sell food service equipment. We are not an equipment factory representative and therefore do not have motivation to specify any one brand over another. Our sole purpose is to provide as comprehensive a service as possible, so as to minimize the burden on the owner, maximize budget dollars and simplify the design coordination process.

Traditional Design-Bid-Build Project Delivery

TBCI Design-Build Project Delivery

The TBCI Advantage

The value-add of TBCI’s Design-Build delivery is the customizable support we offer each of our clients beyond the initial design phase of a project. This is what we call the TBCI Advantage, and it saves our clients time, money and provides added levels of convenience. Our Design-Build delivery has proven successful time and again by carefully considering the following three key elements:

Proprietary Standards

Working in concert with several of our fabricator partners, we have developed a proprietary set of custom Stainless Steel fabrication details. Coupled with ergonomic considerations and industry standards, our custom fabricated elements are state of the art and facilitate function, efficiency and cleanliness within the allocated budget. These details ensure the quality of our design and workmanship integrity is maintained while addressing the functional needs of the customer.

Comprehensive Owner Representation

Our innovative consulting model distinguishes TBCI from others in the commercial kitchen and food service industry design industry by representing the owner-client in all procurement and installation phases of the project. Once our design phase is complete, we assume the role of purchasing agent for the client-owner, negotiating competitive pricing directly with multiple top-quality manufacturers and installers. The foundation of this model ensures that we are not an equipment dealer or brand representative and are not motivated to specify any one brand over another. Our owner-representative approach eliminates the middle man in equipment and furnishings procurement and allows TBCI to represent your interests through an open-book, cost-plus approach that passes on all possible savings to the owner-client. Our management of the Kitchen Equipment Contractor, the installation process, team and timeline alleviates the burden on your F&B Operations, so you can focus on what you do best-serving your patrons. This model reduces the number of intermediaries between design and installation, eliminates layers of mark-ups and purchase incentives, reduces errors, and maximizes cost savings.

Long Term Owner/Operator Support

The responsibility for operational excellence and customer satisfaction lies with us. At TBCI, we support ownership and operations long after the design and construction is complete. We are able to act as an extension of your procurement functions and are ‘on call’ whenever your facility needs anything; from a replacement set of castors, extra smallwares or a new fryer battery. We coordinate the logistics of replacement so you don’t have to.