Theodore Barber & Company, Inc. was founded in 2004, and currently has a staff with over 75 years of collective experience in the commercial food service industry. Since its inception, TBCI has operated as a full-service firm with complementary expertise in commercial laundry & warehousing and solid waste/recycling solutions and design.We have consulted in all facets of food and beverage services across every major industry segment. TBCI is consistently recognized by architects, engineers, operators and contractors as the source for thoughtful, innovative designs presented via high quality and comprehensive design documentation. Our robust documentation is technically developed, integrated into the framework of the project and clearly communicates critical details and requirements to contractors, owners and operators. With our high level, clear documentation, TBCI has established itself as one of the premier International Commercial Food Service design and consultancy firms, providing customer-focused services through innovative planning and design, consulting and factory-direct procurement services for all of your equipment and furnishing needs.
About TBCI Team - 1B

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to exceed client expectations by providing an unparalleled level of customer service. Our goal is to deliver each project on time, within budget and aligned with overall project objectives. With our extensive and well-rounded experience, we seek to guide each of our clients through the design process, from concept to construction. To achieve our mission, TBCI employs a unique collaborative approach that works with each client and Architect to establish project expectations. Our proven process guides projects of any size and complexity from concept and vision through design, procurement, installation and operations.

Our Vision

At TBCI we work with you and for you. We see ourselves as partners with our clients in the success of each project, and as a catalyst for pushing the envelope as we embark on a quest for dynamic design solutions. Our design consultants and procurement specialists know the unique requirements of commercial kitchen design and operations. Through careful analysis and thoughtful consideration, we marry the utilitarian needs of the kitchen and supporting service elements with the spatial and aesthetic standards established by the Owner and Architect.
Philosophy and Approach -1B

Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy of “Customer-focused … everything” commits each of our designers to provide exceptional customer service while fostering a collaborative design process. At the commencement of every project, we issue proprietary questionnaires to the design team and to the owner/operator that enable us to establish project goals, identify design opportunities and potential limitations. We then employ a method that analyzes the 3 major areas of F&B operations, enabling us to uncover the most advantageous solution for every aspect of each project. Our approach ensures that no detail is forgotten and all customer needs are considered before arriving at the final design ‘answer’.